Why Proverbs Studio?

Our team has over a decade of experience in creating unique gowns for brides of all shapes and sizes. When you custom a gown with us, you are not limited by design, materials, sizing or fit as every gown is made to fit your measurements.

Although we have chosen to forgo the studio experience (free champagne and try-ons), the entire PS online experience has been thoughtfully designed to ensure you always know what to expect and can still get that 'touch and feel' with our Welcome Kit as well as in-depth discussions with your personal consultant.

Our Process

Your online journey starts with Build Your Dress that takes you through a selection of design elements and other details that we'll need to kickstart the process. For USD$45 (deductible from final quote), you'll get to design your gown, select your materials and visualise your gown via custom sketch when you get on a call with your consultant.

You'll also receive a Welcome Kit that will take you through the measurement process while you browse popular material selections as you prepare for your first consultation. Your dedicated consultant will guide you throughout the entire process until you are sure about your final design and selections.

Once you're ready to say I Do to your detailed sketch and final materials, you'll be provided with a quote and required to make full payment within 2 weeks in order to secure your materials and pricing. You can expect your gown to arrive at your doorstep within 3-4 months upon confirmation and payment. Please let your consultant know if you need your gown sooner, a rush fee may apply.

Our Prices

Our gowns start from $1,800 and go up to $3,000+ depending on type of material, amount of material (ballgowns, long trains), and detailing work (embroidery, embellishments). Most of the gowns we make are under $2,600. All prices stated are in USD.

Depending on your budget, your consultant can help make recommendations for design and materials. You could choose to swap out hand-beaded detailing work for a sequinned material to achieve a bling effect. Minimalist gowns typically require better quality silk and sateen so do keep that in mind when thinking about your gown. Large gowns like ballgowns require extra structural help from a cancan that will add to the cost (and shipping).

Return Policy & Alterations

We do not accept any returns since all our gowns are custom made - design and fit wise. We do recommend setting aside a budget for final fit alterations that you can do with your local tailor/seamstress.

Fit issues include adjusting lines at the waist, hips, bust, armholes, shoulders etc. Fit alterations are not uncommon with brides whose weight tend to fluctuate building up to the event. We encourage you to get your fitting session 3-4 weeks before your big day (depending on your tailor's availability and speed). Fit alterations should cost below $500 (dependent on where you are).

Bear in mind that tailoring costs will go up should you decide to alter the design of your gown. Extra materials will not be provided by Proverbs Studio in the event of such changes.


We require payment in full to proceed with your gown. Proverbs Studio does not provide any refunds upon cancellation as materials are purchased and work begins on your gown from confirmation.

Payment can be made via our website, we currently do not accept any payment plans.


We currently offer free shipping worldwide and you will be informed via email when your gown has been shipped. International orders may be subject to duties and taxes that vary by country, which are to be borne by the recipient. Proverbs Studio is not liable for the postal charges, return shipment costs, customs charges and handling fees incurred should the recipient reject a parcel due to import duties or taxes.

Please make sure that someone is available to receive your gown on the day of delivery.

Make your dream dress a reality